Fresh Milk retired, replacement chosen

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By Neto Baptiste
One of the country’s top race horses, Fresh Milk, has ran its last race at the Cassada Gardens Race Track.
Owner and trainer, Winston Benjamin, revealed that the horse “is currently expecting.”
“She has nothing to prove, she has done all there is and just to be running her for the sake of running her really doesn’t make any sense. She has left a legacy there and somebody else now has to pick up the mantle and I think that at this stage, she is seven years old now, it’s time for her to give me some babies,” he said.
The former West Indies player thanked those fans who would have supported Fresh Milk throughout the years.
“Well there is going to be disappointment but I am sure the fans would realise and understand that there comes a time when you have to say thank you very much because nothing lasts forever. We appreciate all of their support over the years and I know they are going to be disappointed, but if Fresh Milk could talk she would probably thank them herself; but since she can’t do that, I am just saying to the fans that she has done the racing fraternity proud even though she hasn’t gotten her just credit and reward,” Benjamin said.
The horse’s retirement, Benjamin added, does not mean he will no longer be involved in the sport and, as a matter of a fact, he plans to be as involved as ever.
“I have a replacement for Fresh Milk which is Pepper Step. She ran one race and looked really good but she fell in the race and damaged herself, so for two years now she hasn’t been doing anything. Just recently we took her out and put her through her paces and she came back pretty good, but with the weather and so forth and the track now being refurbished so we will see what happens; but racing is part of me so I will be around for a little bit,” he said.
Racing is scheduled to return to the Cassada Gardens race track next month following work to the surface and a damage culvert that runs directly under the track.

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