Freetown officers plead for repairs to run down police station

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Officers attached to the Freetown Police Station are demanding the immediate relocation of the station as they lament being forced to work under conditions such as sewage seeping from the pipes on the upstairs toilet, broken faucets and damaged electrical outlets.
The officers, in a letter to the Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson on May 10, described the situation as “insurmountable and unbearable”, while adding that it is a “health and safety hazard.”
Ten officers are attached to that station and they work on a shift system.
In their letter of complaint which was also sent to the Police Welfare Association, the officers lament that they “can no longer continue to function effectively and serve the public from the present location.  We are therefore seeking an immediate relocation from the station, where we can operate with the comfort necessary.”
The letter further states, “The ceiling in the kitchen has fallen apart, exposing the toilet run-off directly over the kitchen sink and stove.  Any leakage at any time will land directly into the sink and stove.”
And they complained about the building being porous and unstable, as they explained that for several years, the beam supporting the upstairs gallery has been supported by a makeshift wooden column immediately in front of the main entrance door. According to them, the security of the building is also greatly compromised.
“One of the doors on the western side of the lower floor is condemned.  The door on the eastern side on the upper floor is broken and can’t open and close,” they reported.
The letter of complaint also stated that their lives will be at even greater risk during the upcoming hurricane season. The letter further outlines, “The tiles on the gallery on the upper floor are [detached]. When it rains, water from upstairs runs down the steps, creating an additional health and safety hazard. The guard desk is falling apart due to the termite infestation. Termites dropping from the ceiling creates a problem in the guard room.”
According to the affected officers, the faucets in the washroom for use by both officers and the public, and the shower are broken, thus they cannot be turned off.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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