Free internet hotspots to help children do their homework

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Free hotspots will be set up in areas with poor internet connectivity to help students complete assignments.

Assessments will have to be done to identify those communities that require intervention, says Information Minister Melford Nicholas.He says the evaluations will be done by employees in his department – and they will be working closely with the education ministry. 

“It will be done by evaluation and I am going to rely on both the ministry of education and the parliamentary representative for that particular area. Wherever there are gaps and they can be identified we will provide the resources on those particular areas,” he explained.

“So it is not going to be based on the sole evaluation of the ministry of technology but if the parliamentary representative and or the ministry of education has insight or an idea where there may be a gap … we will respond in those areas fast,” Nicholas pledged.

The minister added that discussions will have to take place over the exclusivity of these hotspots, and whether they would also be made available to other members of the community. He also gave an update on the implementation of internet in primary schools. He said that prior to Covid there had been a rollout planned for all public schools, beginning with secondary schools, but the pandemic meant all schools were now a matter of urgency and his ministry is seeking to meet the challenge. 

When discussing Barbuda, Nicholas explained that the sister island presents certain challenges. He said that currently Barbuda is limited in the internet speed that can be provided. 

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