Francis cannot contest Barbuda elections

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Although he was named by the Barbuda Peoples’ Movement (BPM) as a candidate for its upcoming primary, the party’s lawyer, Ralph Francis said his candidacy is “on hold” as he has not satisfied a stipulated residency requirement.

Francis spoke to OBSERVER media yesterday not long after General Secretary of the BPM Mackenzie Frank named the attorney as one of six people vying for the chance to qualify to be elected to five of the Barbuda Council’s seats.

“I have looked at the rules governing it, and I understand I need a three- year residency requirement. I’m not going to be caught up in anything where I go against it and I’m challenged on it. I don’t think I have the residency requirements,” Francis said.

According to Francis, the residency requirement applies to candidacy for a Barbuda Council seat. Therefore, while he might be approved by the party in a primary, he may later encounter a legal hurdle when trying to contest the seat.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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