France to begin new initiative to assist Haitians

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Mar 28, CMC –  Haiti says France is developing an exchange programme that would allow for improved collaboration and information exchange.

The initiative follows discussions between Interior Minister Thierry Mayard-Paul and Jean Dussourd, Prefet Referent on Haiti to the French Ministry of the Interior.

“The proposal to bring Haitian delegates to France for learning and best practice sharing accelerates our strategic goals for evaluating what is working in other countries,” Mayard-Paul said in a statement.

“In this way, we can develop Haitian-branded programs based on the lessons from our counterparts as we work towards decentralization and job creation,” he added.

Mayard-Paul and Dussourd said they are working to strengthen collaborative ties between Haiti and France through continued missions and that both countries could learn from each other.

“This is an opportunity to further strengthen municipalities,” Dussourd said, adding “”working together, we can glean valuable insights from shared, participatory experiences, delegate to delegate, that will benefit the Haitian people and communities throughout the country”.

Mayard-Paul said decentralisation, a top priority for the Michel Martelly administration, recently received a “substantial boost based on customizing program models from other developing regions, including Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

“We developed a proprietary Haitian model for community-based decentralisation, Katye Pam Poze, after evaluating successful experiences in numerous countries where development has proven elusive,” he said.

Mayard-Paul said Katye Pam Poze, which was launched earlier this month in the city of Jacmel, forms the cornerstone of President Martelly’s National Decentralization Agenda.

He said the programme has received “enthusiastic support” from all stakeholders, including local and central governments.

Mayard-Paul, who developed the program and is responsible for its implementation throughout Haiti, said the Martelly administration is ?totally committed? to the program and to decentralization as an accelerator for sustainable development and job generation.

He said Katye Pam Poze has as its basis the orderly transfer of government services and responsibilities to the local level and the promotion of strong community involvement.

“Decentralization is one of the most promising ways to improve the delivery of government services and to foster development and job creation at the local level,” Mayard-Paul said.