Four-time murder accused says cases moving too slowly

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Delano Forbes, a man accused of four murders, sucked his teeth at All Saint’s Court Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel who consequently sentenced him to three months in prison for contempt.
Forbes, who apologised after an attorney was asked to speak with him, said “me jus’ frustrated” and when asked why, he said this was because the cases before the court are “taking too long.”
In December 2017, a wanted bulletin was issued for Forbes in relation to three separate killings that year, and he remained on the run for several days before the police captured him.
That same month, he was charged with three counts of murder in relation to the deaths of Lisue Samuel, Shawn Henry and Wilfred “Bongo” Williams.
He was remanded to prison and on February 12, 2018, when the police took him from the prison to
revisit a scene to gather
more evidence, he escaped and evaded them until March 9.
But, his recapture only came two days after Morison Thomas was killed in Matthews Village, and the police have since charged Forbes with murder in relation to that incident.
Forbes, who did not have a lawyer at court yesterday, was shackled and handcuffed when lawmen escorted him before the magistrate shortly after 10 a.m.
While there, the magistrate greeted Forbes and made enquires as to whether he had legal representation or whether he was representing himself. He refused to answer any of her questions.
When she tried to explain that she was asking the questions in an effort to help him, he sucked his teeth.
The magistrate asked Ralph Francis, a lawyer who was present for another case, to assist Forbes whose body language was said to be rude.
Forbes subsequently apologised just before lawmen escorted him from the court to take him back to Her Majesty’s Prison.

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