Four men accused of killing a 66-year-old man walk free

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The men accused of killing 66-year-old, Campbell Jackson, of Green Bay in May of 2017 were all found not guilty in the high court just moments ago.

Justice Stanley John presided over the murder case involving Kenaca Ryan, Kenneha Marcel, Arthur James, and Alexis Mussington.

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Anthony Armstrong informed the court, today however, that the “prosecution will be discontinuing the case” due to lack of evidence

Jackson, a former car rental operator died on the spot.

His son, national footballer Jari Jackson, and a family friend, Tevin George, were also shot but they since survived the drive-by shooting.

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  1. How could those men be charged and arrested for a murder.Now the Prosecution told the Court there is a lack of evidence.So the men walked free today.When the heck did he know. There was insufficient evidence to proceed with this case.During that time,almost three years those men were on remand at the Prison for sure.And the real murderers could be out walking around freely as birds.My hope is the Police reopened this investigation.And bring the real murderers to Justice this time.With real and sufficient evidence,to gain a conviction.Because this is an embarrassment for law enforcement.


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