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Four in five virus cases now non-imported

The twin island nation has recorded 34 new Covid-19 cases – all of them non-imported.

They were revealed with the release of the Ministry of Health’s latest dashboard yesterday afternoon.

Of the 118 samples processed by the country’s public hospital, 93 were negative and 25 positive. Three of these positive cases were repeat tests.

Of the 112 samples sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency in Trinidad (CARPHA), 100 were negative and 12 positive.

Meanwhile, 18 recoveries have been recorded bringing that total to 327.

The total number of Covid-related fatalities now stands at 21 – 19 of them non-imported.

Antigua and Barbuda has officially recorded 803 Covid-19 cases since the first one was detected in March 2020. The vast majority of them – 671, equating to four in five – are non-imported.

The number of active virus cases in the country currently stands at 455.


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