Founding member lauds club’s success

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By Carlena Knight

Following 30 years of existence, founding member of the CPTSA Wings Club, Lucaso Brumant, highlighted his proudest achievement as the impact the club has had on its many members who are upstanding citizens of society.

Brumant was a guest on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show yesterday in celebration of their week of activities to commemorate 30 years.

“For me, when we started our theme was always “Evangelising through sports” and we tried to evangelise through sports – spreading the word of God and enhancing lives. We don’t boast, we’re just humble to have persons in our community that have reached to a level either through scholarship [or] education. Some have become doctors, lawyers, different professions we didn’t make them, they went away and studied but they have been a part of Wings at some point in time, and so when we look back and we see those people, we say yes, at least you have touched Wings or Wings has touched you.”

The sports enthusiast attributes a strong supporting cast for his motivation in keeping the club afloat.

“Yes, all the time I felt to give up but the gospel yesterday in the service was so appropriate with Moses and the Israelites winning that battle because they propped up his hands whenever his hand dropped, they were losing the battle so, leaders need people to help them and support them and once you have the support and the encouragement, then you are able to go forward, but otherwise than that, you always feel like dropping out, you always feel like stopping,” he said.

Following a church service on Sunday, the week of activities includes a volleyball match versus present and past players on Tuesday at the YMCA Volleyball Indoor facility, basketball on Wednesday at the same venue and track and field at the St. Joseph’s Academy school grounds on Thursday.

On Friday, they will move to the Christ the King High School grounds for football while on Saturday at Jolly Beach, they will host a banquet. Tickets for that event are $150.

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