Fort Road man found guilty of aggravated robbery

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A Fort Road resident has been found guilty of aggravated robbery after a short judge-only trial.

Justice Ann-Marie Smith convicted Carson Matthew Jnr, 25, of stealing a little over $300 and a beer from a man, while wielding a knife, on January 3 last year.

The accused entered the house of the complainant at around 2.30am on the day in question and found the complainant sleeping with his lights on.

The complainant immediately felt a presence over him and woke up to see the accused holding a knife and demanding money.

The complainant cried out but the defendant threatened to stab him in his throat.

The man surrendered and gave Matthew Jnr $306.

The robber then proceeded to take a Wadadli beer before pulling down his mask and asking for more cash, which the complainant indicated that he did not have.

As a result of seeing the defendant’s face, the victim was able to pick him out of a lineup of eight other men during an ID parade.

But during his trial, Matthew Jnr gave an unsworn statement where he told the court that he was at home with his mother and nephews at the time of the incident.

His mother also testified that her son was at home that night and was asleep in the living room.

She even said that she saw him several times when she woke up to use the bathroom.

However, when cross-examined by Prosecutor Curtis Cornelius, she admitted that she did not look at the time when she went to the bathroom and therefore could not say for sure if he was at home between 11pm and 2.30am.

In the end, the Crown’s case proved stronger and Matthew Jnr was found guilty.

He is set to be sentenced on May 31.

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