Former officer claims police harassment

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By Machela Osagboro

A former police officer, who was dismissed from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB) some years ago, has given OBSERVER media a harrowing account of what he described as harassment and identity theft committed by two police officers.

Joshua Quinland has accused two corporals within the RPFAB of personally and physically violating his rights.

He also stated that one of the alleged perpetrators came to his house and threatened to arrest his mother-in-law and fiancé.

“He proceed to come open the door with my fiancé dressing inside … naked as the day she born… he not moving, all when her mother telling him to leave; he said he gonna arrest the two of them.”

 Quinland said that his fiancé had been harassed on another occasion when the police aggressively pulled over her car on her way to the airport, and claimed that the car matched a suspect’s vehicle that was under investigation.

As for the impetus that set these series of events into motion, Quinland alleged that it started after he had given some advice to a female friend to report an instance of sexual harassment against a police officer who had been sending her nude pictures.

He alleged that the advice he gave in 2014 was the reason why he was still being targeted by the police.

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