Former Netball boss shares disinterest in returning at top position

Yvette Francis
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By Carlena Knight

Yvette Francis, former Antigua and Barbuda Netball Association (ABNA) President says despite her love and passion for the game she would not be interested in throwing her hat back in the ring for the top position.

The now 73-year-old veteran says she would be more open in assisting from the sidelines.

“You have to know when to fold them and when to walk away. I am 73 years old. What I have going back in netball again? I will help those who are there with my experience and give them all the support I can. Making all the right phone calls for them and so on, and the right suggestions and leave it up to them to do what they have to do. You come and ask me tomorrow to assist in any way, and I can assist, then fine by me, but I am not going back in there as any executive member. No, no, no, that is for the young people.”

Francis who was also the President of the regional body, the Caribbean Netball Association or CAN, revealed that many individuals were surprised by a small-island person holding those reigns.

“It was very interesting. During that time, we had four tournaments. Ninety-two was Antigua, then we went to Montserrat in ’93, St. Vincent in ’94. Ninety-five was World tournament and that was in Birmingham, England, and then St. Kitts was 1996 and I think a lot of people were surprised somebody from a small island was really on top of netball.”

Francis served from 1992-1996 before she handed over the reins to the present president, Kathy Harper-Hall of Barbados.

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