Former mas’ builder questions whether proper procedures were used in granting fetes

Alister Thomas
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By Carlena Knight

With over eighty fetes having been approved leading up to Carnival, one former mas’ designer and owner is questioning if these fetes went through the proper channels before being given the nod.

The query came from Alister Thomas, the owner of Ali and Associates Mas Troupe, who wondered out loud how we are going to deal with the current Covid-19 climate, especially in light of the fact that cases are now on the rise once again.

“Were those permissions granted on the basis of the national consultation? With the health personnel? With the fete promoters? Were those numbers approved taking everything into context, especially in the time in which we are existing with the Covid season? I think not,” Thomas said.

The Minister of Festivals, Dr Michael Browne, had revealed to Cabinet that eighty-seven fetes had been approved since the Covid-19 restrictions had been lifted.

  Thomas said that that many fetes is a number that “looks high” and is “very questionable.”

He is however asking the public to be “absolutely responsible and be conscious of the dangers out there.”

Fete mandates have been a longstanding debate for months, with many residents, mainly the promoters themselves, airing their frustrations.

Initially, the government announced that fetes would only be allowed a maximum of 300 patrons, who would be required to test for Covid-19 on the day of the event.

That announcement on capacity was met with displeasure from fete promoters, who argued that it would not be profitable to organise and execute an event for such a small number of people.

But in March of this year, those restrictions were relaxed and promoters were allowed a maximum capacity of 5,000 patrons.

However, attendees were required to show that they had been fully vaccinated or present a negative Covid test taken no more than forty-eight hours prior to the event, according to a release from the Ministry of Creative Industries.

Day Break was the first fete that was held this year. Since then, several events have taken place with dozens more scheduled on the fete calendar.

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