Former Leeward Islands player believes he got a ‘hard deal’ during his short stint with sub regional squad

Antigua and Rising Sun fast bowler, Stanny Simon.
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By Neto Baptiste

Antigua and Rising Sun fast bowler Stanny Simon said he was not treated fairly by the Leeward Islands Hurricanes after being selected for his debut season in the Regional Four Day Competition back in 2017.

Simon played only one match in the tournament and although having unflattering figures of one for 72 in 96 balls, the player believes he was not given an opportunity to adjust and adapt.

“In terms of the tournament, I did what I was supposed to do but at the end of the day like you said, I think I got a hard deal. I played one game, didn’t perform well in that game in which I had some dropped catches and after that I didn’t get another chance, so I think I did get a hard deal,” he said.

Simon was dropped following the match and has not played for the sub-regional squad since. Added to this, the former Liberta Blackhawks player said he was never offered a reason or told where he needs to improve.

“Nobody had a reason for that and nobody said anything to me to be honest. Everybody would just see me and say hard deal or unfortunate but at the end of the day ii never really got a full explanation why my contract wasn’t really extended,” he said.

Simon is currently captain of the Rising Sun cricket team in preparation for the cricket association’s Super 40 competition.

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