Former hospital employee still awaiting sentencing months after murder conviction

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

More than two months have passed since a former IT technician at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre was convicted of murder – and he is still awaiting his sentence.

Kenworth Charles was found guilty of killing retired soldier Fitzroy Robins in late February 2022 after several days on trial before a nine-member jury.

Since then, he has been behind bars at His Majesty’s Prison waiting to find out how much time he will have to serve for his crime.

Charles, who is in his late 30s, stabbed Robins to death in Bay Street, Villa, at around 11.25pm on July 24 2020.

The attack stemmed from a previous incident when Charles refused to pay for beers he took from a vendor’s cooler and tried to leave.

Robins, 44, is said to have arrived just as Charles was leaving and he was informed as to what had taken place.

He approached Charles armed with a knife and asked him to pay for the drinks, which he did.

The accused reportedly never returned to that location again until the day of the murder when he came looking for Robins who was socialising, as he usually did.

An argument ensued between the pair and they began to scuffle.

Charles, of Newfield, reportedly stabbed Robins several times with a knife.

But the accused claimed that he was intoxicated and was attacked by Robins.

However, the jury was convinced that the killing was not an accident.

The convict’s sentencing has been pushed back a few times and yesterday it was adjourned again until May 12.

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