Former guest could sue local resort

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Jolly Beach Resort & Spa could be facing a lawsuit if it fails to respond “favourably” to complaints made by a British man who claims that what appeared to have been an “innocuous” injury he sustained in the hotel’s pool, last September, is responsible for one of his toes being amputated.

From his home in Tynemouth, England, Stewart Vine, a diabetic, told OBSERVER media that he’s undergoing a rigorous medical regimen that includes taking 16 antibiotics daily, as doctors try desperately to stave off further amputation.

“The amputation wound is healing but there is an infection in the bone. The doctors have not said how much of my foot they would have to take off but they would probably have to amputate midway up my calf,” he said.

“I’m on sleeping tablets, it’s really got me down and depressed the fact that I cannot do my normal job. I am seeing a psychiatrist. My life has changed drastically.”

The Brit is also wearing an air cast; he has to be immobile, with the leg elevated.

The 55-year-old financial manager said that he and his wife, Sarah, arrived in Antigua on September 9, 2016 for a week’s vacation booked through British Airways Holidays.

He recounted that up to the time of the incident, the vacation was “going terribly” because the hotel wasn’t clean and someone tried to rob his wife at knifepoint on the beach.

Vine said that incident occurred the same day he scraped his foot on “something sharp” in the pool. He alleged that he reported both episodes to the resort’s management.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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