Former commissioner weighs in on charges for cops

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The former commissioner of police, Rawlston Pompey, says charges should not have been filed against all the officers involved in the mission when accused murderer Delano Forbes escaped on February 12th.
Pompey says two of the officers were merely photographers who were called out to assist. they were among a total of six officers charged last week with neglect of duty and the commissioner of police, Wendel Robinson, has the task of deciding whether or how to try the four junior officers involved and the Police Service Commission has to determine the fate of the two senior officers involved.
He says the senior officers who were in charge of the operation are the ones ultimately responsible for the outcome.
“The key thing here is that by carelessness and neglect, he escaped. The person who led the operation, that is the person who has responsibility for the safe custody of the prisoner. You cannot tell me that you take along juniors, you bring them along to assist you and now you want to put the responsibility on them to be charged with your neglect, that is unheard of,” he said.
Pompey says the junior officers are being made scapegoats.
He says based on the findings of the internal investigation by the Professional Standards Unit, it is clear “somebody didn’t understand what they were actually supposed to be doing.”
Forbes escaped shortly after the officers took him back to the scene of one of three murders he’s accused of committing. He was still on the run up to this morning.

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