Former captain hoped for joint appointment of CWI candidates

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By Neto Baptiste

Legendary batsman and former West Indies captain, Sir Viv Richards, was hoping to see a joint effort between former players and two of the individuals that were shortlisted for the top coaching job within the senior men’s team.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Sir Viv said that if he had any influence on the decision, he would have appointed both Desmond Haynes and Phil Simmons, giving them opportunity to tag-team on the way forward.

 “I’d have the two working together because to be fair, I think Desmond Haynes has an idea about batting and Phil Simmons on a much wider range as such. Desmond Haynes would have been a very consistent player over the years and would have an idea how it’s done or can be done, so I am basically for that. It’s a tough choice and I don’t want to make that call,” he said. 

Cricket West Indies (CWI) on Monday, named Simmons as the new head coach after shortlisting Haynes, Simmons and Floyd Reifer for the job.

Sir Viv said that having played with both Haynes and Simmons, he knows and appreciates the passion and expertise they bring to the position.

 “I am an individual who would have played with some of these guys and anyone you would have played with you would want to see them in a good plac.e and Desmond Haynes and Phil Simmons would have done such.

“I am not quite sure about Mr. Reifer at this particular time because we saw exactly what took place in the World Cup. The matches he would have had was to make a name for himself and to try and enhance his particular resumé, and I don’t think that was done. So I was just looking for the two individuals,” he said.

Six candidates participated in individual interviews lasting up to 90 minutes with the CWI interview panel. During the interviews, critical areas such as applications of cricket specific experience, technical knowledge and performance planning processes.

Also up for discussion were performance measurement, developing a performance-driven culture and also, CWI’s core values of passion, accountability, respect, integrity and team excellence.

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