Former calypso monarch optimistic despite defeat in Montserrat by-election

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The defeat in Monday’s by-election to fill a vacant opposition seat in Montserrat has in no way dampened the sprits of former Antigua & Barbuda Calypso Monarch Keithroy “De Bear” Morson.

The Montserratian born native was one of seven men who contested in a by-election, to fill a seat which became vacant when leader of the main opposition Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP), Reuben Meade resigned last October.

Dr Samuel Joseph, of the MCAP, won the by-election with a total of 679 votes, while Morson who ran as an independent candidate amassed 37 votes.

“My job is far from over; it is just getting started,” Morson told OBSERVER media yesterday. “I have a role to play here in Montserrat, there are people here who are being [dis]advantaged and are afraid to talk and so they need someone who is going to carry the message. I have a job to do.”

The former monarch, who calls himself the voice of the people in Montserrat said he does not necessarily have a keen interest in holding office; however, he wants to serve as an advocate for justice and be the voice for the voiceless.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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