Former boxer remains hopeful of change

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Former boxer and Public Relations Officer for the Uprising Boxing gym, Khalid Shabazz, remains hopeful that the current executive for the dormant Antigua and Barbuda Boxing Association will eventually step down from their posts to aid in the growth of the sport.
Shabazz spoke positively on the Good Morning Jojo Sports show earlier this week on the matter where he says he will remain patient with the current state of the sport but will continue to push for change.
“Well, I’ll say this, we have had our issues with the boxing association and nothing lasts forever, so I am patient with the process. We will keep on trying to go through the different channels that they have said we should go through, we will keep on doing what we are doing in the name of the sport and for young people in the sport.
“Hopefully some of those who hold on to it so tightly and hugging it up would stop sabotaging the future of the young people and decide that other people can lead too; other people can make a valuable contribution other than them.”
He highlighted a key factor which he believes is hampering those said people from seeing the bigger picture and stepping down.
“When you can see the sport and can see the bigger picture, beyond yourself then it’s better for all of us but I hope that we can get over these hurdles so that we can be more active regionally, and hopefully, internationally because we see we have produced international athletes.
“It just so happens that sometimes we have the politics of things and I am not just talking about red and blue, the politics of things sometimes disallows us from really maximising our potential.”

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