Former bodybuilding champ refuses to be drawn into ‘trash-talk’

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One former national bodybuilding champion, Ollyn Martin, has said he will not be sidetracked by all of the pre-show trash-talk but will, instead, do his talking on the stage of Saturday night’s National Bodybuilding, Physique and Fitness Championships.
Ollyn, was at the time, addressing challenges from defending champion Kenny Jacobs and another former champion, Orson Martin, who had both thrown jabs at each other during previous interviews.
“I don’t really focus on anybody. I just want to bring the best Ollyn that’s possible and I do believe that I am the best Ollyn that’s possible right now so I will be bringing that and let’s see if they can beat that,” he said. 
Ollyn, who is returning to competition after sitting out last year, said he is in, possibly, the best condition of his life.
“I’ve exceeded my expectations for this year. I am happy with where I am at and I don’t think I’ve ever looked like this before and I am anxious to show Antigua the new me because I’ve worked hard and I am looking forward to putting it down on the stage,” the athlete said.
The heavyweight competitor said also that his fans and all in the audience can expect an improvement in his routine this time around.
“Over the years, I’ve never practiced a routine, ever. I would kind of say that I’m a natural poser, so I’d just go and listen to whatever music is playing and just do whatever I feel.  But this year, I am doing it a little different where I decided to practice a routine this year and Dion Haywood has been helping me putting [the] routine together,” Ollyn said.
Saturday night’s show starts at 7 p.m. at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre at Perry Bay. General admission to the show is $60 while VIP tickets cost $100, and can be bought at most gyms across the island.

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