Foreign Minister commends historic DR move

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Foreign Affairs Minister E.P. Chet Greene commended the Dominican Republic (DR), moreso Her Excellency Raquel Jacobo for their endeavor to upgrade its consulate in Antigua and Barbuda to a full embassy.

Jacobo, who was named the first Ambassador-Designate to St. John’s by the DR, officially handed over her credentials to Minister Greene during a brief ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Trade on Tuesday.

“For the first time your country has seen it fit to establish a permanent office here in Antigua and Barbuda and I think I should say so myself to have you as the first person appointed to this position in itself is a historic occasion for which I commend you and of course your government,” Greene said.

The Parliamentary Representative for St. Paul spoke highly of the strong ties already fostered between the two countries which he believes will be strengthened even more with this move.

“The establishment of an embassy here allows for a further deepening and strengthening of our very strong relations. We cooperate quite effectively at the Cari-forum level and so I can see how your presence here would allow for even further cooperation and collaboration at these levels,” Greene said.

“We also in this moment are ready in ourselves to visit the DR, the Permanent Secretary and I, at the invitation of the Foreign Minister and so I think this is just one beautiful package that we have put together. The establishment of the permanent office, the potential to expand and deepen our bilateral agreements, the trade relations…which has been existent for a number of years but never explored.”

Ambassador-Designate Jacobo shared her delight in formally presenting her credentials to the foreign minister. She further expounded on the pride she felt in being the first full-fledged ambassador of her country to Antigua and Barbuda.

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