Football execs lend helping hand to families of football officials

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Tryum Football President, Keithroy Black, along with Coach of the Parham Football club, Rowan “Three-fives” Isaac, and Sports Radio personality, Joseph “JoJo” Apparicio, have come together for a worthy cause as they attempt to garner funds to assist the families of football officials, Derrick “Pretty-boy” Edwards and Danny Benjamin who remain in Jamaica as they await trial on drug-related offences.
Both Edwards, who is the assistant coach, and Benjamin, equipment manager, were arrested on March 26 at the Norman Manley International Airport after a bag containing 3.5 pounds of cannabis was discovered in the team’s equipment bag.
Edwards and Benjamin were attempting to board a flight back to Antigua only a day after the men’s national football team, the Benna Boys, drew with Jamaica, 1-1, in a friendly match.
 “After listening to the Good Morning Jojo show and hearing Jo’s suggestion, I made a few calls to Jo himself and other football execs on how we could get this done. We all know of the situation and really we just want to help the families so we will be at the West Bus Station from 6 a.m. – 11a.m., this and next Saturday,” said Black when interviewed on the matter.
The former footballer told OBSERVER media that all the funds will go to the families and the box that will be used to pick up donations  will only be opened by the affected families.
“Donations actually have already begun, but I want to make this clear that we have no idea of how much is already in there. The family will receive the box and will then give an account and we will then let the public know the amount.”
In his final statement, Black pleaded with the public to come out and make donations on the two specific days and even went further to say that donations will be accepted outside of the two set days.
“This is for an important cause, so we are encouraging persons to make an effort to come and make donations. If you are unable to on those days, then feel free to contact myself, Rowan, Jojo or even on the show itself.”
A number of sporting bodies and personalities have made pledges to the group, to include the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association and the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association.

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