Food Safety Bill to allow for the publication of businesses in violation

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The passage of the Food Safety Bill will allow for names of businesses in violation of food handling regulations or standards to be published.
“When this law takes effect, hopefully in the next six months, there may be that opportunity for the publishing of food service establishments that are in violation, but until then we do not believe in name and shame,” said Deputy Public Health Inspector, Daryl Spencer.
The Food Safety Bill which, according to Spencer, will be tabled within the next six months was discussed in a video posted to the Ministry of Health Facebook page where Spencer also added that “with the law, the publishing of the grade of a particular food service establishment and the publishing of those establishments that have fallen out of compliance will be a mandate”.
At present, the names of violators are not made public which, according to Spencer, is because “The food service industry is quite volatile and once the Central Board of Health intervenes and some dialogue is being had with the manager or supervisor, they move speedily to take the necessary corrective actions. Also, as it stands, a food service establishment does not have to register with us before they open, so the public health inspector encounters them for the first time.”
Legal Affairs officials from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States met in Antigua last week for the 32nd time to develop harmonized legislation on three bills, one of which was the Food Safety Bill.
Spencer, the number two person at the Central Board of Health (CBH), continues to appeal to individuals involved in the preparation of food for human consumption to ensure that they attain a food handling certificate from CBH.
The Food Handlers Training Program is held once per month at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre.


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