Floods displace some residents and cause damage to property

The deck of a house was completely destroyed when a wall collapsed during Monday’s downpour (Photo contributed)
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Several persons have been forced to temporarily relocate to the homes of family members or shelters after flood waters poured into their homes.

Such were the stories of residents from communities that received up to 10 inches of rainfall on Monday afternoon.

One Gray’s Farm resident told Observer that “water seep into my house and come all the way to my bed”.

She said that she and her two children tried to salvage what they could and went to stay with a relative in Pigotts.

A couple from Point lamented that most of their clothing and household items got wet.

“It really mess us up and I don’t know what [we are going] to do next,” the man said.

Meanwhile, a man shared his experience having to navigate through floodwaters in St John’s to get to his home in St Johnston’s Village.

“My whole car full up and wet, wet. I try to drive through it cause I [needed] to get home but the car won’t move after a while. I had to leave it and all I could grab [was] my phone and even that wet up.

“I hope the car not done with,” he said.

He was just one of numerous persons whose vehicles were partially submerged with floodwaters from Monday’s rains.

Meanwhile, the National Office of Disaster Services said there have been no reports of injury to residents and that the impact on properties, vehicles, and livestock has been moderate.

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