Five months without a road fatality

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There hasn’t been a single road death in the country for the past five months.
The lone road fatality incident for the year was on March 3 when police Corporal Ognel Browne crashed on the road at Langfords Development.
While the Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group seems to have mistakenly stated that there were no fatalities for six months, five months without a fatality is noteworthy.
In a letter to OBSERVER media, signed by Alice Ho-Tack, president of the group, it is noted that a number of factors contributed to the achievement, including raising awareness, the increase in enforcement and road safety education.
“Our vision for zero fatalities for 2018 was broken with our first fatality in March,” the letter states. “However we were still able to achieve six [five] months to date. Our road fatality for the year still stands at one.”
According to the group, there was a six-month road fatality free period back in January-June 2016.
“Our vision continues for the next five months of the year, with an effort to keep the figure standing by taking it one month at a time,” the letter noted.
However, acknowledging that the current carnival period is challenging, the group is reminding drivers to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.
It is also calling on party goers to use a designated driver or utilise taxi services to get home safely. Carnival revelers and onlookers are also advised to stay clear of music trucks and high tension wires in the city.
According to the letter, the Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group “continues to lobby the government for the formation of a road safety council, a memorial site for victims and families and to update our laws and legislations before the year 2020.”
The group continues to advise all road users to exercise: Care; Caution; Consideration; Courtesy; and Common Sense while using the roads.

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