Fishermen’s fight for beach access to go to court

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The Spear-Fisherman’s Association has renewed its threat of legal action to demand landward access to the several beaches within the Mill Reef area, after attempts were made to bar one of its members on Sunday.
President of the Association Melvin Samuel said he gained access freely to the property on Friday and was able to venture out to sea to ply his trade.
However, he returned on Sunday and provided all the required information to the security guard, but was told he would not be allowed on the property.
Determined that he had to fulfil a lobster order for a new client, the fisherman said despite the unwillingness of the guards, he lifted up one side of an access gate and entered the premises.
He said he proceeded knowing fully well he might be arrested when he returned from sea.
“It is very frustrating, very frustrating. I am trying to make a living. The water has been bad for a couple of weeks. I have one property here that ordered something from me and I am trying to fill that request, and I cannot get in to do what I have to do,” Samuel said.
“This thing needs to be sorted out. We have a prime minister, it’s on the books, its law and you cannot compel someone. You want me to obey the law, but you cannot compel them to do the same,” he queried.
The head of the association said spear fishermen have been fighting this battle for years and have secured the services of a lawyer to pursue the matter in court.
He also lamented a “failed” promise by Prime Minister Gaston Browne to dialogue with the management of the property.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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