Fisheries Department rolls out second set of guidelines

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Chief Fisheries Officer, Ian Horsford, has outlined a second set of protocols for fisherfolk and others involved in the sector.

According to Horsford, the new set of recommendations is specifically for small-scale fish processing facilities.

It speaks to hygienic practices such as washing hands, wearing masks, and repeated cleaning and sanitizing of work areas and frequently touched surfaces.

This is in keeping with what the department says is a growing number of incidents of workers in food processing facilities being infected with Covid-19.

In April, the department released general operational guidelines for fisherfolk.

The chief added that in terms of social distancing, fisherfolk are being encouraged to stagger work hours on either side of a worktable and a shift system to limit the number of people in a processing facility at the same time.

Horsford said that with the downturn in the economy, more and more people are turning to fishing, which makes the work of his department even more challenging.

He said they are working closely with the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Coast Guard to increase compliance.

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