First LIAT 2020 aircraft set to be purchased for $4.1 million USD

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LIAT 2020 emerged from its predecessor LIAT (1974) Ltd (file photo).
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Chief of Staff in the office of the Prime Minister, Lionel Hurst, has shed more light on the upcoming revival of LIAT 2020.

Speaking to state media, Hurst revealed that the first aircraft is set to be purchased for $4.1 million USD within the next week. Following this, three additional aircraft will be acquired from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

“The first aircraft that LIAT 2020 will acquire is the one that was flying up and down and so on, that is serviceable and ready to go. And we’re offering 4.1 million dollars. The three, are each worth about 4 million dollars, so we are offering a little more than 12 million dollars for the other three the CDB is holding on to because we haven’t paid CDB the resources that are required for them to become LIAT 2020 as yet.”

The Cabinet announced this week its plans to obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by acquiring at least one aircraft, a crucial step in the process of rejuvenating LIAT into a viable airline once again. Negotiations are also underway with the Caribbean Development Bank to secure three more aircraft within the next sixty days.

LIAT 1974 Ltd officially ceased all operations on January 24, 2024, under the guidance of court-appointed administrator Cleveland Seaforth. The airline had long been the premier carrier in the subregion, but persistent financial challenges led to its downfall, leaving a significant void in the market.

Since then, the government has been actively working towards revitalizing LIAT through LIAT 2020, forging a partnership with Nigerian carrier Air Peace in an effort to rebuild the airline and restore regional connectivity.

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