First Lady to miss Cassada Gardens return

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One of the country’s top thoroughbreds, the First Lady, will miss the opportunity to avenge her loss in the final stage of the Triple Crown Series to Scrumpum when the Antigua Turf Club (ATC) hosts its Carnival Race Meet at the Cassada Garden’s Race Track on Sunday.
The meet is the first after the Governor General’s Cup hosted in June in which Scrumpum galloped ahead of the First Lady who had won the previous legs of the series to set up the exciting final contest.
According to one member of the Antigua Turf Club’s executive, Ajahni Sheppard, The First Lady will not get a shot at revenge just yet but a number of other top horses are scheduled to be on show.
“Well unfortunately, First Lady hasn’t caught herself as yet but Scrumpum will be there. Fresh Milk, undoubtedly, is the most winningest horse in Antigua and although she is not one of the big guns per se in terms of the First Lady and the Scrumpum, she is our local big gun so she will be on show,” he said.
Five races are carded for Sunday’s meet including the feature contest which will run over 6.5 furlongs according to Sheppard. 
“The feature race will be the A1 & lower over 6.5 furlongs. It will feature Little Miss Perfect, Serpent, Sir Whiskey, Demolition Man and Scrumpum and maybe we would have an entry of Lyn’s Image in that race too,” Sheppard said.
“We also had a nominated race featuring Lady Caswan, Coffee which is another entry for Winston Benjamin, Da Queen B, you have Sexy Kuba also and he is running out of Baba Thwaites stables too,” Sheppard added.
The gates will open at midday Sunday while the first race is scheduled to start at 2:30pm.

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