Fire victim’s father wants prayers for his only child

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As Roosevelt Browne fights for his life with second and third degree burns to over 65 per cent of his body, his father is appealing to the nation to pray for the 12-year-old who suffered burns in a house fire a week ago.
Jason Browne told OBSERVER media yesterday that his only child remains in very critical condition and is isolated in the Intensive Care Unit, in a medically-induced coma,  at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre,
“The prayers are encouraging. I’ve gotten calls that people are praying for him and that is what we need now so that he can get stable,” Browne said.
The youth was visiting with his aunt, Jeresse Phillip and cousins in Ottos, ahead of the Children’s Carnival Parade on Thursday.
The father said the youngster was excited to play mas and he wanted to sleep over from the night before, and he agreed.
Jason recalled getting the call from Phillip that his son was burnt in the morning blaze that destroyed the small wooden house. The Cashew Hill man said he journeyed to the hospital where he met his child who was, at the time, still conscious and answering questions.
“According to what the doctors explained was that when you get burn, you can look normal and then deteriorate real fast. The doctor said it was bad and he is going to swell. So, if he is talking why wouldn’t he make it? Then after the hours I spent at the hospital his skin started to swell and drop off. He is now like raw meat like when you skin an animal,” Browne detailed as he said he wants the public to understand the seriousness of the situation.
The Mary E Pigott Primary School student sustained burns to his back, stomach, arms, hands, chest, thighs and his face.
Doctors are now concerned about the risk of infection because Roosevelt no longer has protection from the skin.
Jason said his son was placed in a coma to prevent him from causing further damage to his burnt skin by moving as he had been doing due to the pain and discomfort.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

Roosevelt Browne, 12, was badly burnt in a house fire a week ago. (Photo courtesy Jason Browne)


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