Fire victims appeal for help

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The family of four whose home was destroyed during a fire at Cook’s New Extension on Tuesday afternoon, has made an impassioned plea for assistance from the public to obtain items to meet their basic needs.
Delroy Craig, who occupied the home with his wife and their two children, said the most urgent requirements are shoes and clothing for the adults as well for the two-year-old daughter and six-year-old son.
The distraught father, who said that he was not at home when the three-bedroom wooden structure  was burnt to the ground around 3 pm on the day in question, added that they would also be grateful for donations of bed linen and building materials.
“We need assistance with a sheet of galvanise; a sheet of plywood and so on. We lost everything: documents, passports, everything,” Craig said yesterday during an interview with our newsroom. “The only thing we have now is the clothing that was left on our backs.”
He added that, currently, the family is staying with a neighbour who, out of kindness and compassion opened up her home to them.
Craig told OBSERVER media that he and his wife are trying their best to stay strong for the sake of their children who are struggling to cope with the reality of what happened.
On the day of the fire, his wife, Angela Rickman-Craig said that she had left home to run a quick errand and five minutes later she received a call from her son indicating that their home was on fire.
She said that she advised him to take his younger sibling and run for safety. She said that by the time she returned, the property had been destroyed before the firefighters arrived on the scene.
Neither the home nor its contents were covered by insurance.
The family can be contacted at 724 4106.

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