Fire ravages Kentish Road business

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Four months after losing his main source of income, Adolfo Pena has been left financially shaken and was rushed to hospital after an early morning fire early Wednesday morning destroyed his Kentish Road bar.
Pena has been operating Lomio’s Bar since 2004. It was a secondary source of income until he became unemployed earlier this year.
He told OBSERVER media that he went to bed after closing up on Tuesday midnight, having secured all his windows and doors and checking to see that all his electrical appliances were either unplugged or powered down.
“We have our house in the back and my fiancée woke me up saying she heard a noise coming from the air conditioner …then after somebody called out fire in the bar. So, we jumped out the bed, got dressed and by the time we went outside the whole place was on fire,” Pena recounted.
The businessman said he attempted to put out the blaze, but in his search to locate and administer the fire extinguisher he became overwhelmed by the smoke and had to abandon his efforts.
The fire department responded “quickly” and put out the blaze but Pena complained of feeling unwell after a coughing fit and was rushed to Mount St John’s Medical Centre by the Emergency Medical Services where he was treated and discharged.
“They put me on oxygen, run some tests on my blood, then X-ray and then 6:30 [am] they sent me home,” he said. “This bar is our whole living and we depend on the bar for everything and we don’t have any insurance for the content so it is just a major setback but never the less life will continue and we shall rise from this.”
A pool table, a slot machine and ice machine were damaged beyond use in the fire that gutted the concrete building.
A source of the blaze was not determined at the time of going to press, but the fire department said it will be investigating to determine the cause of the fire.

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