“Finish parking lot,” Lovell demands of ABLP gov’t

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) leader has called on the Gaston Browne administration to stop politicising the Sunshine Hub Parking Lot and finish its construction.
“If the government complete [the construction of the parking lot], then persons would be offered a decent service and would pay for that decent service. The government, however, finds itself completely without any resources, having misspent and wasted the resources that they have and now they are trying to collect money when people will not be enjoying the facility in the way it was intended to be enjoyed.”
Harold Lovell’s criticism came during an interview with OBSERVER media yesterday as he engaged in a  discussion on the revelation by Government’s Chief of Staff, Lionel “Max” Hurst, that the administration will seek to start charging drivers for use of the incomplete parking lot as parking space.
“So, what the government really needs to do, is complete the parking facility, to develop it as an asset for the government for offices, where space would be available for shops, and other facilities and to develop it into the modern facility it was intended to be in the first place,” the UPP leader said.
Lovell stressed that the government has been politicising the issue since the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) entered into office and he maintained that no taxpayer money has been placed into the original construction of the project.
“The bigger picture here is that this ALP government has politicised that whole Sunshine Hub facility. They have tried to make it seem that it was taxpayer’s money that built it,” he said, adding, It has not cost the taxpayers [any] money.”
He reasoned that should construction of the facility be completed, the public would be willing to pay for parking space within it as he reiterated his call for the government to finish construction of the parking lot so that it can be use for its intended purpose.

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