Financial boost for Adele School’s breakfast club

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The school was delighted to receive donations from WIOC and PDV Caribe (Observer photo)
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By Kenicia Francis

[email protected]

Students at the Adele School for Special Children’s breakfast club will benefit from an annual donation of EC$20,000. Both PDV Caribe (PDV CAB) and West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) will contribute EC$10,000 each.

The club has been providing breakfast to students to foster a better learning experience.

According to the Deputy Principal, Jacqueline Azille-Joseph, the school opened an investigation after a number of students kept reporting they hadn’t eaten breakfast. So they started the club because, “they are not going to be able to function at school properly if they are hungry.”

She also shared some struggles the school has been facing with the recent ABST increase.

“We’ve had to step back on fruits because we’ve had to make our money stretch,” she explained.

However, she proudly announced that with this new sponsorship they will be able to add fruits back to their menu, in addition to dishes containing cheese, another ingredient previously omitted due to costs.

PDV CAB has had a relationship with the school since 2008. When the need for funding was presented to them, they reached out to WIOC who honoured their joint sponsorship request.

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