Fiennes residents settling into new environment

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Residents at the Fiennes Institute are familiarising themselves with their

new surroundings in the former Nurses Hostel after completing the move

from the decrepit Fiennes Institute buildings last Thursday. The Nurses Hostel building was refurbished to accommodate the Fiennes’ residents.

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association (ABPSA), Joan Peters, said the residents are settling in nicely and are adapting to the new environment.

“One of the patients actually told me that he feels like he is in a hotel and he is feeling very comfortable. And some people now

have their own room. T

hey are feeling very comfortable as we speak,” Peters said.

The move from the Fiennes Institute now paves the way for the construction of a new facility. A date for the construction is yet to be announced.

Meantime, Peters is also hopeful that some relief can be provided for workers at the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital who are entering into their third week of protest for better working conditions.

“We are waiting to see something happen by this week. [Unless] we see something tangible, we will not call off the action because this is absolute nonsense,” Peters said.

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