Fiennes Institute repairs to begin in a few days

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Health Minister Molwyn Joseph is optimistic that repairs to the Fiennes Institute will begin at the end the month.
“Certainly, aspects of the building, beginning with the male and female ward will be demolished and rebuilt. Elderly patients who are currently residing in those wards will be temporarily relocated to the Nurses Hotel,” he told OBSERVER media yesterday.
Minister Joseph added that in preparation for the repair work, Barbudans living at Nurses Hostel will be asked to find alternative living arrangements, those who are unable to do so will be relocated to the building which formerly housed the National Technical Training Centre (NTTC).
The health minister said the work at Fiennes Institute will be done in stages with minimal interruptions to the normal operations at the elderly healthcare facility.
“We cannot play around any longer with fixing up buildings that were badly designed, even the layout to move from one place to the next was not properly thought of. So, we are going to try to start over and do it right,” Joseph said.

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