Ffryes Beach gets clean-up ahead of Labour Day

front 7 ffryes clean up
Jamale Pringle at Ffryes Beach (Photo contributed)
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Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle was recently observed directing trucks and other heavy-duty equipment for a clean-up of Ffryes Beach and its surroundings ahead of Labour Day on Monday.

Some assigned government workers had done a fair job in removing much of the litter left by careless beachgoers, however some work was needed on the grassy parking area.

Pringle explained that he did get the assistance of the Solid Waste department, and that this clean-up was in an effort to ensure that Labour Day attendees would have a comfortable space to enjoy the planned activities.

Vending spots are being allocated, and managers for the day’s entertainment are busy with sound equipment and other accoutrements.

 Pringle lamented that some road access at the back of the parking area that usually alleviated traffic congestion was completely overgrown, and heavy equipment had to be used to clear and demarcate the roadway.

This year’s Labour Day activities in Antigua and Barbuda are expected to attract thousands of followers, since it will be the last Labour Day celebration before the next general election.

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