Feters told to keep an eye on weather disturbance

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The Meteorological Services have told those expecting to have fun this weekend to keep monitoring a weather disturbance as it moves into the area over the next couple of days.
Yesterday, forecaster on duty Bernell Simon told OBSERVER media that while residents should watch to see how the weather develops, they shouldn’t sell their tickets just yet.
“Don’t write off any plans for the weekend per se. As the week progresses, the information will become more and more accurate as we get closer to the weekend.”
According to the National Hurricane Centre, this system has a 70% chance of developing into a storm. Simon said that Antigua & Barbuda should be spared most of the action brought on by the weather.
“All the forecast models are showing that the bulk of the system will pass out in the Atlantic. We could just barely get the southern tip of it as in some showers, one or two thunderstorms around Saturday and Sunday,” he explained.
Simon also said no significant changes are expected in the cone or strength of the weather disturbance.
“What I would say is to keep monitoring its progress, keep in touch with the Met Office in the event that there are any significant changes. We’re not expecting any significant changes but these systems are dynamic and you know how they can fluctuate sometimes,” he said.
Simon reported that the local forecasters will continue to watch this system closely.
“However, we are monitoring it closely in the event that any major shift to the south but right now as we speak, it is showing that it will remain out in the Atlantic barely brushing across the north-eastern Caribbean, meaning Antigua & Barbuda.”

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