Festivals Minister speaks up for LOL promoter

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By Latrishka Thomas

An injunction filed by the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation (ECCO) to halt a pre-carnival fete has sparked a clash between the music rights organization and the Festivals Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

Over the weekend, event promoter and managing director of Marketing Machine, Chalita Rose, confirmed that an application for an injunction was brought against him to stop his popular event known as Lots of Liquor (LOL).

This was around the same time the media was informed that ECCO had written to Festivals Minister Daryll Matthew offering an amnesty to music users in the twin island.

On OBSERVER AM, Minister Matthew said outright that he regards ECCO’S legal action as an act of malice.

“I got an email on Wednesday last week, the 26th, confirming that this amnesty is being given … and, lo and behold, on Friday last, ECCO filed an injunction against the Marketing Machine and LOL to have the LOL fete, that was due to take place on Saturday, halted. Now to me that was an act not in good faith, given the fact that we had this discussion and you put in writing that you will be granting this amnesty,” Matthew said.

As Rose reported over the weekend, the injunction application was withdrawn with ample time for the event to go ahead. According to Matthew, the amnesty letter played a major role in dissolving the injunction.

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