Festivals Minister says first fete was ‘well executed and well planned’

Culture Minister Daryll Matthew
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The first fete held since the start of Covid-19 was “well planned and executed” in line with the protocols. That was the feedback from Festivals Minister Daryll Matthew, pertaining to Sunday’s event at the Coolidge Cricket Grounds.

The “First Fete”, which catered to fully vaccinated patrons only, will be used as an example for other events that are expected to follow.

“I continue to maintain that under the circumstances that we are living in and events like what was held [Sunday] and what are being planned, it’s probably the safest place that you can go to redeem yourself, because all of the patrons, all of the employees, all of the support staff are fully vaccinated persons and so I think the numbers were predictably low but I do believe that it was well executed, well planned.

“The promoters I think did an excellent job of getting it out there and I believe it speaks well for the future for these sort of things,” Matthew said.

The much-anticipated fete was organised through the efforts of the Antigua and Barbuda Promoters Association.

The group – which comprises of several local event promoters – decided late May that they would all collaborate to host the first event, so that all promoters would become aware of the necessary requirements and protocols that will be expected in the planning and execution.

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