Fencing Federation to host first nationals

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Fencing will take centre stage at the end of the month when the Antigua & Barbuda Fencing Federation (ABFF) hosts its inaugural National Fencing Championships.
The event, scheduled for the indoor volleyball facility at the YMCA Sports Complex, will see 16 athletes compete over two days, March 31 and April 1, as they battle for the prestige of becoming Antigua & Barbuda’s first fencing champion.
The federation’s technical director, Rameez Mascall explained the categories and what spectators who attend the free event can expect on both days.
“We have four advance athletes and they would have been training about four or five years now, and they’ll fit into the advance category. The other 12 are going to be in the beginners’ category and that breaks down into boys and girls,” he said.
“In terms of weapons, we use the Epee, the Foil and the Sabre. Sabre is the fastest one where the whole upper body is the target. In Foil, which is the beginners, just the torso is the target area and then in Epee, the entire body is the target area,” he added.
Competitors will come primarily out of the schools’ programme with students from Clare Hall Secondary, Princess Margaret, St. Anthony’s Primary schools and the Antigua State College all vying for the top spot.
Federation president, Kelesha Antoine said her hope is that following the championships the organisation could spread its wings to become a little more inclusive.
“We do intend to embark on community level activities also to bring in adults based on FIE standards of having seniors and veterans and having competitions in those areas. Persons have been calling us and asking how they can get involved so after the championship we will try to go out to the community and start bringing the different categories that are part of it,” she said.
The event is scheduled for a 6:30 pm start on March 31 and a 10:00 am start on April 1.

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