Female robbery accused remanded

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Kathy-Ann Isaac, the woman accused of robbing her workplace, Carlisle Bay Hotel, became emotional in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court after hearing she had to be remanded to prison.
The mother of two, who is accused of aggravated robbery and conspiracy with a known person to commit robbery, appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel yesterday and was advised that her committal hearing is set for October 10, at which time it would be determined whether she would be tried in the High Court.
Although remanded by the magistrate who has no power to grant bail for crimes involving the use of a firearm, Isaac can go through the High Court.
Late last week, the police charged the 33 year old Urlings woman who has worked at the hotel for about 14 years.
Her arrest came just a week after the robbery incident and when she presented herself as a traumatised robbery victim who was kidnapped by the perpetrator. She was working as the accounts clerk at the time of the daring robbery.
The courtroom was packed when Isaac’s matter was heard yesterday. She told the court she would be represented by Michael Archibald, so the matter was  set aside for a while to wait for the attorney. However, when he did not show up, she was informed of the date of her committal and then carted off to prison.
The once packed courtroom quickly became empty when the accused was sent away.
On June 30, the hotel was targeted by a lone gunman who was seen on camera grabbing bags of money packed by the two workers who were captured on surveillance camera emptying a safe.
The robber was dressed in a dark, long sleeve shirt with long pants and the individual’s face and head were covered with something that appeared to be white.
Meanwhile, yesterday, a wanted bulletin remained in effect for 31-year-old Anthony “Thug Life” Govia of Freeman’s Village who is wanted in connection with the robbery.
The police are asking Govia to turn himself in to the nearest police station. He can be accompanied by his lawyer or a family member.
Anyone with information about Govia’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 464-3938 or to call 911.
Residents are advised not to approach him because he is believed to be heavily armed and dangerous.

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