Female police officers under investigation

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The police suspect that two of their own are responsible for creating and distributing three documents which accuse several cops of corruption, abuse of power, police brutality and drug pushing among other things.
As a result, the Serious Crimes Unit has been asked to investigate the matter and so far, two female officers have been questioned and their homes were also searched.
The three PDF documents, went into circulation earlier this week and on Wednesday, the Serious Crimes Unit searched the homes of  Corinthea Nicholas and Donetta Samuel who live at Lightfoot and Potters respectively.
The investigators seized Nicholas’s Samsung Galaxy cellular phone along with the USB cable and her Dell laptop and charger; and also seized Samuel’s Samsung Galaxy cellular phone.
Nicholas was briefly detained at Langfords Police Station on Wednesday.
One of the three documents alleges that senior cops are involved in criminal activities or are covering up the unlawful activities of others.
Another document alleges that a senior officer who should have gone on retirement is sticking around to protect another colleague who is currently on suspension for alleged fraud crimes.
That document also calls on the prime minister to put pressure on the police with regards to the same fraud case.
The third document also focuses on the same officer who allegedly should have retired and the writer promises to bring down the officer.
OBSERVER media was told that after the documents went viral, one of the officers who is named and condemned in them, filed a complaint, prompting the investigation.
The cyber crime laboratory was asked to examine the electronic devices that were seized from the two officers.

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