Female chairman has the power in Barbuda Council senate race

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The current chairman of the Barbuda Council and former senator has expressed confidence that the ruling party will have the last say in the selection of a new senator.
Council Chairman and Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) member, Knacyntar Nedd, said in an OBSERVER media interview that the appointment of a new senator will see
the eleventh council seat filled.
And she has the deciding vote.
“If it is a situation where we have an equality for votes for the senator, I would have to lend my casting vote to the motion I see to be most fitting and appropriate,” Nedd said.
“I have the casting vote and if there is a tie, to break such a tie.”
In recent times, council members affiliated with the Barbuda Peoples Movement (BPM) have requested to be a part of the discussions in selecting a Senate appointee.
“Trevor Walker had requested that we have some discussion before we appoint the senator, which we agreed to,” she said. “We have no problem with having a brief discussion before the appointment.”
Nedd also said that the opposition would need a strong case to convince her to vote for their preferred choice.
“There would have to be a really good concrete reason as to why they think that person would be a suitable person for the position and also at the end of the day we would vote on it.”
Nedd, who resigned her post as senator to run for the council seat during the March 27 elections, said that the submissions have been equally split between males and females.
The Barbuda Council consists of nine directly elected and two ex-officio members from the Upper and Lower House who are from the sister isle.

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