Fearless Crew to host bike-a-thon as part of fundraising effort

Members of the Fearless Crew Basketball team accepts their Division Three championship trophy from head of the basketball association, Kebra Nanton in 2019.
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By Neto Baptiste 

In an effort to raise much needed funds for when competition returns at the national level, the Fearless Crew Basketball Team will be hosting a “bike-a-thon” on Sunday that is set to start from Blackburn Park in Villa to Ffryse Beach and back.

Funds raised from the event will also go towards the implementing of Covid-19 protocols at the team’s training facility in Villa.

Coach of the team, Guy Yearwood Jr, further explained the thinking behind the move. 

“Since all the events in the world since last year we decided we have been trying to keep the team together doing little bike rides and we just decided that we are going to do a little fundraiser now to try and get ahead when the season does come back into play so that we are ready to get the team out there,” he said.  

The event, which is slated to ride off at 6 am on the morning in question, carries a registration fee of $15 which includes breakfast. 

One member of the team’s management, Vasky Smith, clarified the event is not a race and that the air is for all participants to reach their destination at a similar time. 

“It’s amateur riders, not professionals so you take your time. We are not going to try to ride away from persons; we’re not riding together but we are not riding apart because of the whole Covid issue and all of the restrictions. We will refresh ourselves for about a half hour to 45 minutes to give persons that might have lagged behind time to catch up, refresh themselves and then we’ll ride back to Villa,” he said. 

Those interested in registering for the ride can do so by calling 782-9903 or 781-2229.

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