FBI uncovers visa corruption network – Haitian nationals arrested

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The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), says it has uncovered a corruption network involving senior Bahamian Immigration officials and Justices of the Peace.
It’s reported that in October 2016, the investigation got underway for fraud against visa in the Bahamas.
According to the FBI, three Haitians were paid close to US$50,000 to participate as informants in a clandestine covert operation that led to the arrest and indictment of Kevin Desir, Johnlee Paul, Edna St Fleur and a fourth person whose identity is confidential.
Meanwhile, the police say Edward Israel Saintil, a Bahamian suspected of being the leader of the network was arrested last September in the District of Columbia during a trap set by the FBI.
Saintil, the holder of a Bahamian passport and a Haitian passport, was held when he came to collect US$14,000 to smuggle a Haitian national into the country and organize a marriage with a US citizen.

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