Father laments death of his young daughter

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The family of four-year- old Ajay Johnson, who died tragically on Saturday, is still coming to grips with her loss. Her father, Alexander Johnson, told OBSERVER media that yesterday was the closest he has come to having a “normal day” since Saturday’s incident.

“I feel a little better now, but for the past two days I haven’t been feeling 100 per- cent,” Johnson said.

“Every time I lie down, I imagine my child lying next to me,” he continued. According to reports, Alexander had just arrived home on Saturday morning in his Toyota Hiace bus which he exited and left open to enter the house. Unknown to the father, his four-year-old daughter entered the open vehicle without him realizing, and is believed to have somehow managed to release the parking brake, commonly referred to as the handbrake.

The young girl was reportedly startled by the sudden movement of the vehicle and tried to jump out. In doing so, she unfortunately got pinned beneath the bus.

The grieving father told OBSERVER yesterday that his daughter was in the house when he got home with something for everyone to eat and, after he went into his bedroom, she must have snuck out to the bus.

Police reports indicated that the father was made aware that there was some- thing happening with his vehicle. He rushed out of the house to find his daughter stuck under the right side of the bus. The little girl was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, but she was pronounced dead a few minutes after arrival.

The bereaved father said he spends most of his time thinking about what took place, noting that all he has left are the memories of his daughter.

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