Father frustrated over release of sex offender

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The father of a young girl who was a victim of sexual crimes expressed his frustration over the early release of the offender, Osuide Simpson.
“Every day I am walking around and I am trying to think of what to do to move forward. How do I deal with this? What do I say to my children?” the distressed father said to an OBSERVER reporter.
Simpson, after only serving about 4 months of her sentence, was recently released from Her Majesty’s Prison. According to the victim’s father, “The entire family is in shock; disappointed. We were neither consulted nor informed. No explanation was given as to why they would release or pardon the child molester, Simpson. My daughter is asking if we are going to move because she knows where they live.”
In November of last year, Osuide Simpson was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to serious indecency on a three-year-old while working as a nanny at their home in 2016. Simpson confessed to being under the influence of drugs at the time of the offense.
A psychiatric evaluation was done prior to her sentencing and it revealed that she suffers from bi-polar and substance abuse disorders.
Her penalty was reduced from a six-year prison sentence to an 18-month sentence due to a series of factors.
Her detention for 6 months at the psychiatric hospital pending trial, and delays in the process were taken into account during her sentencing.
However, the father of the victim expressed his dissatisfaction with the sentence given to his child’s sexual molester, and revealed that it was in fact BOTH of his daughters who were molested.
“We accepted a plea deal in order to prevent one of them from having to relive the ordeal … she had already started therapy and had started to come to grips with it,” he added.
He believes there is some sexism at play because, “If it was a male that had done the crime, there is no way he would have gotten time off for good behavior,” the distraught father said.
The man – whose name we will not reveal, as this could help identify his daughters – is pleading with the public to demand that corrective action be taken with respect to what he regards as a deeply flawed system of justice in Antigua and Barbuda.

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