Father and teenage daughter attacked by masked men

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A 13-year-old girl escaped unscathed from armed bandits but her father is nursing injuries to the face from the Friday night attack in their village, Swetes.
According to police sources, the aggravated assault occurred just after 10 o’clock when the robbers accosted the duo while they were walking home.
Pascus Southwell, the father, was reportedly beaten about the face when he refused to hand over his valuables to the two masked men who were armed with a gas lighter and a piece of wood.
While the thieves focused on beating her dad, the teen ran and called the All Saints Police Station to report what was happening.
According to sources close to the probe, lawmen responded swiftly and found Southwell with his face battered.
He was issued a police medical form and later went to the hospital where it was determined that his facial injuries, to include a swollen forehead, were superficial.
Both thieves were described as being about 5 feet 10 inches tall.
One was dressed in a purple hoodie and a pair of acid-wash long pants. The other was dressed in a black T-shirt and short dark blue jeans, with a red bandana covering his face.
As of Monday morning, no arrests had yet been made in connection with this incident.

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